sarah DE LA ROSA

     Hi, I'm Sarah. My last name actually translates to "Of The Rose." Sarah Of The Rose started off as my Myspace name back in the day and then I kind of just ran with it.

I'm a Houston based photographer of couples in love, faces of people and everything in between. Photographs have always moved me. Sometimes life is full of so much beauty, love and wonder it can feel like you are at a loss for words. But, then the sun starts to set amongst the horizon, the people are laughing in each other's company, the music begins to play. This is what photography is for me. It's seeing the beauty in the ordinary. It's where the visuals of everyday life become enough without words because, well, they speak for themselves. That is where my shutter clicks.

When I'm not talking photography you'll probably catch me watching a scary movie, going to a coffee shop with my friends, obsessing over how much I want to travel to Seattle or training for my next half-marathon. 

I'm Sarah Of The Rose and I would love to be your photographer.