Ana + Marco : the gallery houston, tx

The weather in Houston was the type of weather you prayer for here. It wasn't humid and it wasn't even that cold on this day in February. It felt like we were on the coast in California.  From the moment I stepped in the door I could feel the love and the excitement. I first met Ana and Marco a few months prior and let me tell you they're people you automatically feel comfortable with and can carry on a conversation as if you've known them awhile. When they're together you can see their connection and that their spark is still alive.  As guests filled the room I stood in the middle of a sea of people. Every single person was from a different time in each of Ana and Marco's life. The room was radiating with the love from everyone they've ever known and cared for. I'll never forget what that felt like.

This wedding left me with so many emotions. To be honest, it's the whole reason I do photography. Not to necessarily photograph what a moment looks like but how it feels like. Years after this day, years after when the decorations are put away in the attic and the dress hangs in the deserves to be felt and to be remembered. Because people can get married in the same venues, with the same color schemes and themes but truth be told there is only one love likes yours.

There is only one Ana and one Marco.